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Leonard successfully restored one of his old artworks!

Back in 1987 Leonard painted what we felt then was one of his masterpieces.
The Ride of the Valkyries, based on the Norse legend and the Wagnerian opera. It was purchased by an antique dealer in San Francisco in the 1990s. Somehow, years later it ended up in a private collection in San Francisco’s Sunset District. About nine years ago a couple found it at an estate sale in the City and fell in love with it, despite the fact it was badly damaged. They stored it in a closet hoping to some day get it repaired. A few months ago they reached out to Leonard to see if he could restore it. Leonard agreed to look at it and hoped to be able to fix it. When they brought it to his studio from their home in the Bay Area, we saw it was in much worse shape then we anticipated—two small tears in the canvas, missing paint in a number of areas, creases, scratches, mold, and the worst part, someone had made an attempt to restore it by painting over a lot of subtle detail and Leonard’s beautiful foggy glazes. Leonard was devastated by the shape it was in but was determined to bring it back to its former glory. It was a big job and took him several weeks to complete. The pictures below show before the restoration and after.
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Imaginary Worlds at the Fresno Art Museum closed August 28, 2016!
The exhibition included four works by Leonard Filgate, plus the work of five other amazing artists (including the image pictured above left by Bruno Pegoretti.)

Leonard created a painted dragon cello called Dragon Scales for the Youth Orchestras of Fresno. It was auctioned off at the Painted Table to raise money to support this fabulous organization that mentors young musicians.

Leonard Filgate with cello for YOOF

The dragon cello was auctioned off in May 2014 for $2500, all proceeds going to YOOF.


Coming Soon. . .

Almost Invisible front cover

Almost Invisible

You might wonder how two children living in Nevada with their paleontologist grandfather and his odd and quirky Maori assistant meet up with an international thug named Emil Von Schlep on a mysterious island near the frigid Arctic? And who are the Pixquiks and what is their secret that the evil Von Schlep desperately wants and the children want to help protect? You will learn this and more with the publication of this novel for middle readers/young adults, available soon.

Includes the amazing artwork of Leonard Filgate on the cover.


Dragon Posters

Click the posters to enlarge. Email us to purchase.

Smokin' Poster Hot Sax Poster The Duo Poster


Leonard partnered with Milla Vineyards by creating a label for a new release named Menagerie in 2012!

Proceeds of the sale went to the SPCA's Spay and Neuter Program.
Click Milla Vineyards above to learn how to order directly from the winery.


Check out the painted violin Leonard created for
the Youth Orchestras of Fresno in 2012@

The culmination of the Fresno International Youth Orchestra (FiYO) Festival, this concert featured performances by the combined Youth Chamber Orchestra and Youth Symphony Orchestra as well as a performance by the FiYO Festival Orchestra, combining the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and guests from around the world. Central to the program is the Shostakovich Symphony No. 11, a vast and powerful work. Music DIrector Thomas Loewenheim conducted. It was a fabulous event and Leonard's violin sold for $2100, all to support the Youth Orchestra!



Is this fun or what?
Leonard was commissioned to create a portrait of a friend's granddaughter with Rip Squeak in it— we call them "Portraits with Character"

e-mail him some pictures and he'll give you a quote.

Portrait with Characte